A beginner’s guide to Rooting for Android(Part 1)

*** In this post i am telling about the rooting. If you root your device you can fully control your device and its performance will also perform. When you search about the android you will get maximum article about the rooting. Rooting helps you to make your device to performs good performance. By rooting you will get all the option for use. After rooting you can use all the rooting apps. After rooting your apps works better **
Once rooted, users can install and run applications that require
special privileges, bypass carrier installed software, and even remove
bloat ware applications added in by manufacturers and carriers from
their device. Root access is even needed you want to install trivial
things like custom fonts in some devices. And perhaps most importantly
of all, users can modify system files to install custom built versions
of Android (ROMs).
**By rooting you can remove the bloat ware software and you can also by pass carrier and you can also those software which special advantages. In some devices rooting help you to install trivial things like customs fonts. The most important thing you will get after rooting that you can download the custom built versions****

of Android (ROMs)


****You should not root access with every piece of mobile, because at the security level it is not so good. If you allow the root access to every software then they can read your advanced setting of your android device. Some of the software will create  some serious problem in your device. But you can save your device by using Superuser you can allow the root access only those software on which you can trust. Superuser is minimize the risk and make you device safe. Most important thing you have to download the software to the trusted website ***

**** If you doing root to your device then you should keep in your mind it can bricking your device that means you will be like a brick(nothing to use)
The given methods are tested and trusted you can try this but you have to follow these steps with carefully. You will not get another handset in replacement if your device get brick ***
But don’t let that put you off, gaining root access is a skin to
setting up an administrator account in any other operating system, and
opens up Android to a host of new uses.

**** It is not possible to tell you the solution of all mobile but for rooting some things are common. You need USB cable and window PC and your phone’s driver installed, full charge handset and USB debugging mode enable.
*** After enabling the USB debugging you have to go to the setting and go to the about phone and click again and again then a message is appear. After appearing the message you have to go in the developer option and you have to check the box SuperOneClick is the best place to start with it by which you can root your device  with a simple click button. For the download,instruction, and compatible device you can check out here XDA Thread****

Your Device

*** I can’t tell you about rooting all the device. There are some lists given below. SupearOne Click is not supported for all devices ***
Nexus 4
*** With the help of Nexus Root Toolkit, it is easy to root up your Nexus device. You just need top download the software and install the software then you have to connect Your device to your PC and then press the root button. In the Nexus Root Toolkit also give the function of the restoring default setting,backing up device,unrooting,and flashing ***
**For more details you can go to the Wugfresh website***

*** By this method you can only root limited handset you only root the 19505 version of the galaxy because Samsung has its own software for improving the software of its handset. Odin help to modify the Samsung software. You have to be a Zip files of your device and you can also root the  earlier Galaxy and Note handsets***
**** It is easy but not easier then Nexus but it is quite simple You have to need Chainfire’s Auto-root zip and Odin and then you have to press volume down button and then home and then power button at the same time until your device get on.
If you want to know about the guide then you have to go knowtechbetter***
*** To root this handset is quite easy you just have to download the file and no need to connect your mobile in your PC software you just have to one click, and rest of the work is done by the software
*** I can’t tell all the rooting system but all the rooting system are quit a like but you just keep in your mind you have to follow these steps properly ***
HTC One – All-in-one-Toolkit for rooting, flashing ROMs, performing backups, and much more.
*For the rooting flashing ROM’s,performs backup, and much  more you can check out here All-in-one-Toolkit ****
**** You can  root your Xperia Z and ZL and you can root almost almost every Xperia device for this you have to visit  easy rooting toolkit ***
*** If you have a motorola device then you should visit  Motochopper but there is another way to root your device you  have to connect you device in USB Debugging mode  this method is also works on the  Samsung Galaxy S4  you can root Razr Maxx HD, Atrix HD, Photon Q, and Razr M from this method ***

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