Download Free arcade Games new updated version

**** Now the new version of arcade is released. Now it is come in some new feature just like it has high speed, amazing driving, new content and many more. You can enjoy this game very much it is co cool ever>>>>>>

DREAM luxury cars

*In this game you get  47 new cars which give you high performance and 80% of the cars are totally new**
** You will get some new models such as the Pagani Zonda R,Ferrari FXXBugatti Veyronz and Top Models Lamborghini poison license***
**In this game you get real immersion realistic soundsflight risk because of stereo recorded audio****
**** You can back on the race track after hit on the ramp***
***You can jump over 360 ° and  perform drums **
**** You will the round of the exotic places and pull production ***
***You will get totally nine different places such as the desert of Nevada, iceland, Guiana and many more ===
***You will get the option of career change and you will get the mirror image tracks **
**You can also choice and find new shortcut for speed **
* you will get 180 events and 8 seasons **

***You will get some other features such as amazing geometry, shaders production , and extraordinary visual effect which make this game amazing ***
**It  have a detail system damage ***
***You can try many more modes like challenges and infected-doorsimultaneous ***
**You get 8 real opponents in the multiplayer ****
***You can challenge your friends in its favorite cars ***
**** You can pilots across the world and with the new ranking of your friends you can compare it with your rank **
*** you will get  the most amazing music with this game***
****You will get the extreme news cars,graphic and enjoyable fans race. It is available on shops, major retailers and  MOGAanywhere place. The Crystal Method, Mutemath and Bloc Party are some new real pieces ****
** You can have a  with style on Clio RS ***
 ***You can drive any new cars at any time **
**After win the race you will many race and you will get many rewards such as  get  Loans , upgrades, and new cars***
 ***You will get 7 new track such as Tokyo,Iceland,Nevada and many more
***You will get the Fast MatchmakingThe amplifier
***You will get the controls of dual- creditadjust,nitro and Tuning Kit
****You can manage controls download you can play here***

Download free full version mod and silver below :You can it here Download here   or   Downlaodhere fast speed.

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