Google New Product ‘Google Play’ Link To Navigation Bar


If you a game lover and you loved to play games and listen goods music and  watch new videos then google has introduce a new function called “Play link”. In this link you can find all type of games, music, and video. This link is given on the horizontal menu. On clicking on this menu you will enter the Android apps movies  including music and games content
Here you can buy the video music e-book and apps:
*** You can easily see the google play on the google navigator bar which is located at the top of the search home page of giant. It is really hard to missed this Button, Just find a “New ” Button which is eye popping in front of us.
Accordingly to the CNET you can buy many games, music and video here and they want to make themselves a android version of the iTunes store and it is not exited ***
*Soon the google play store updates will be automatically send to Mobile version. 

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