How to Create Bootable pendrive of windows 7 and windows 8?

****hello visitors !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If your window is corrupt then you can boot your window with the pendrive. It is the easy and best method to make bootable pendrive… 

  • If you want to make your pendrive bootable then you have to need somethings like windows image and 4 GB pendrive and iso software download if you don’t have it then you can download it form the****
**** When you download the poweriso then you will get many other features like you can create the virtual cd/dvd in your computer and you can also mount the cd/dvd imaged,burn copy ,remove the cd/dvd images. You can also create many of disk. Bootable USb driver can also created by the poweriso. There are many method to make bootable USB drive but this method is so easy and simple ****

Steps for creating bootable usb drive:

*** You can download the trial version of the poweriso from the given link **
**** After download open it and You will see the dialogue box for registration purpose you just simply close it ***
**** Then go to the tool menu and then click on the “create bootable USB drive “then it will questioned from you “you need run poweriso as administrator” then you have to click on the “ok”****

*** In this steps you have seen another dialogue box to create the bootable USB drive click on the first clicking browse button to select the source image file ***

**  You have to click on the USB drive to make it bootable **
*** You have to click on the start button and then click on the ok button to delete the USB drive ***
*** After completing all the steps successfully you will see the dialogue with “USB write success ” will written there you have to click on the close button and then you can use the USB drive as bootable ***

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