How to Get ₹160 recharge on paying ₹60 only!

Today i am telling about the free recharge. Yes,you can recharge for free and get coupons. give you free coupons of same amount as you recharge amount. You will get the coupons of the famous companies like eBay,Flipcart,Dominos,McDonalds,CCD,Big Cinema, PVR,Myntra and many other famous companies. It is developed by the Accelyst Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It is come in market in 2011 and now it is the most famous company and giving the tough competition of other free recharge company *** 
*** It is 100% trusted and you can get free coupons of same amount of your recharge amount. It is the leading free recharge website now-a-days. Besides attractive coupons you will also get many attractive deals and offers ***

Now i am telling about the how will get you Rs.50/ cash back when you will recharge of Rs.10/ on**

  • *** You should have a Debit/credit and internet connectivity and last and android device **

Steps for getting Cash back:

  • ** First of all you have to installed freecharge’ app and you will get from ay Store you can also install it from APK file. Get that here..**
  • **After installing it open it. You have to select your google account form the given lists and you have to sing in facebook or crate your own new account form the “Create the new account” manually **
  • ** You have to enter the phone number after logging in and enter amount and operator. you can only enter amount more then or equal then 10 Rs **
  •  ** You can skip it pick any coupons **
  • ***Enter Your promo code in the box by ticking I have a freefund /Promo code and enter apply and the free promodecode is FCREFSXZBTRP7  ***
  • After coupon is successfully applied, Choose Debit/ credit card for payment.
  • ***You have to use credit/debit card after when your coupon is successfully is applied **
  • Afer transaction will complete, you will get required recharge in your mobile (₹10 in my case) and cash back in your wallet.
  • ** You will get your cash back in your wallet and recharge in your mobile after when your transaction is complete **
*** If you want to check your cash back you have to swap and then tap on “my credit”. If you want to recharge your mobile then you can use this money quickly to recharge your mobile….*
** If you want this offer then you have to a android device **

  1. *** You can use this code only for once per credit/debit and user DI, you should always use recharge through debit/credit card,you will get 50 Rs recharge many time for the same code but you have to use different Email ID and card*
If you have redeemed this offer then you have got ₹60 paying ₹10 only!

**** There are another offer in which you will get Rs 60 only paying for 10 Rs **

*** If you try the above offer then it is another offer for getting more offer you will get  Rs 60 only for Rs 10 only. It is not necessary you will use the coupons but you can try this *
******First of all you have to open the app and then login and then enter your operator,phone no.,and amount and skip it after taking the coupons. You have to enter  A5050 the code after ticking the “I have a FreeFund/Promo code”. You have to pay it through Debit/credit, you can’t pay through on the net banking and wallet money. Finally you will get the Rs,50 recharge and Rs. wallet money.

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