How to hide folder using CMD

 Hello visitor today i am telling about how you can hide the files and folder with the help of the cmd. It is very simple and easy  to use to hide the files and folder by using cmd and you just follow these steps to hides files and folder **

How to do

  • In the first step you have to press the WIN and + key and then window will open and then type cmd in the run window and then press the enter ***
  • As you see in the given image you will get the same image on command prompt window **
  •  And then you have to type F and then press the enter “F” is the drive letter where you have to hide the file and folders **
  • And then you have  to type attrib  folder + s + h and then hit the enter . replace folder with your folder name.
*** Once you hide the folder you can also unhide it you just have to type attrib folder + s – h and then hit the enter it will  unhide the folder **

*** Now you can hide all you important files and folder. you can comment if you like this post  
Happy learning >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>





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