How to make Green/Blue Status in facebook comment or status

** Hello! visitor today i am telling about the amazing trick about the facebook. There are lots of the facebook user who want to make their status in blue and now in this  article i am telling about this. You have to just follows these steps for making your status in blue in color…………
 These are the given steps **
** To Customize your title name of any fan page or profile Url, you can follow this simple trick:

How to do:

Step 1: Get Numeric ID of Facebook Profile/Fanpage by visiting username. Replace ‘username’ by your, your friend’s or your brand’s Fanpage. That URL’s Numeric ID will appear.
**** Visit this Url username You will get the numeric ID of the facebook profile or fanpage. You will get the numeric ID when change the user name with the name of your friend or friends brand’s fan page………
*** Now You can change the anchor Alphabet by this code **
                    @@[0:[YOURPAGEID:1:New Anchor Text]]
 *** You can enter the new anchor text at the place of the 0 and you will get the fan page anchor***



1.) Write the following line in your status
@@[1:[0:1: write here ]]
Just write what ever you want, instead of Write here.
but one thing always keep in your mind don’t use colon” :”

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