How to make special symbols from keybord you don’t know that.♦♣◘♠♦☺

*** Hello visitor, during our chatting we need many special symbol but some time we can’t find the symbol in our key board but you don’t worry i have a solution now you will get many symbols by simple using the key board. There are many special symbols which are given here and you can use it. It is very simple to use***

Lets See how we can do this?

1.First press alt key and num key at same time special symbol will be printed..

 below are some e.g

** There are many symbol which are given and you can use it by following simple method. You have to press ALT and number key simultaneously **

*Press the alt and 1 and you will get 


*press alt and 2 you will get ☻*

**press the alt and 3 to get
** Press the alt and  4 you will get the 

**Press the alt and 5 you will get the

** Press the  6 and alt and you will get the 

** press the alt and 7 you will get the

** Press the alt and then 8 to get 

** Press the alt and 9 to get ○ **

In the same way with combination of number you can do this bellow mention sign and symbol.

**Press the alt and  14 to get
** Press the alt and 13 to get ♪ *
**Press the alt and 22 to get
**press the alt and 485 to get σ **

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Happy learning☻♦♣♠☺)σ4♫♀$♫↕‼◄╟17

*** You can make many symbols and make your chatting more interesting. 
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