How to SMS Bomber and Anti Sms Bomber

****  Hello ! visitor today in this article i gonna tell you about the most amazing software called sms bomber. With the help of this software you can target you friend phone and send them number of sms at the short time***
** This is the most amazing software and you can send the multiple sms at the short period. It is more interesting then email bomber. It will trouble your friends because they will get many sms at a very short time *** 

***** You will get may features just like you will get counter into each menu and you can make different sms and remember  the last config and it is very fast and periodically send without any delay. You will also get a cancel button. You will get multiple of text and flood fo multiple contacts ****

** You can download this software from the given link 

Download *

*** There are some other feature like you can see the log message and fix the empty message bug and you can also block the repeated sms  and you will get the notifies when your phone are bombed ***

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