How to type in Hindi in Android

**** Hello visitor !!!!!! today i am telling you about the Hindi typing in the android device. Yes, now you can type Hindi in android device. If you really want to know about the Hindi typing then this article is very helpful for you. In this article you can learn how can you update your status in Hindi and send message in WhatsApp, WeChat and by SMS. It is so easy to type Hindi  in your android device. you just have to follows these steps *******

STEPS we need to follow to get Hindi in Android

*** First of all you have  to check your version of your android phone and then you have to install the google hindi application form the google play store***

Android 4.0 Greater version.

**** If you have an android  4.0 or higher then you have to go to the setting option and then go to the language and then input section and then you will have a option of entrance google hindi option then you have to check the score and then click on the default and then click on the “hindi Translation” in the dialog “select input method”

For Android 2.X version.

*** If you have an android 2.X then you have to access the setting and then go to the key board setting and then go to google hindi coche enrty. Now you have to press and hold the box after write any text in the box and then you will see the content menu and then go to the input method and then go to google hindi entrance ***
**** Now there will be some basic  software’s configuration. Now you can chat,email or you can do anything on you mother tongue “hindi”**

*** Now i am teach you to how to hindi in the android phone. There are some instructions ***
** You can see at the right or globe bottom round and then click on it and your english alphabet will change into hindi****

**** There are another symbol called law of the planet. You have to press and then you will see a blue line that means whatever you write it will change in the hindi  if you type computer it will change into कंप्यूटर ****
*** If you want to write only in english so you have to click on the same option then the blue line will disappear when you write computer then it will displayed as computer***
*** If you want to type the hindi number then you can also type the hindi numbers ***
**** You will get the perfect accuracy when you write from this software. I will not irritate you to sepcify the different words which you want to convert in your actual meaning ***
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