How to Manage Page Roles on Facebook

Sometimes you need a team of people to manage your brand page or your own personal page on Facebook. Some of them are able to edit and publish any content. They can look at information about your followers.

You can always control what they can do on your page by assigning different page roles to them. Here we give step by step guide to assign page roles to any page for a single person.

  1. Login into Facebook account
  • At left side click on See more.. under Shortcuts to see list of all pages
  • Click on desired page name
  • It opens that page click on Settings at right side of top page menu
  • Under General tab click on Page Roles
  • To assign new page Role type email address in box
  • Select type of page role from list. Then click on Add
  • It shows Invitation status as Pending
  • The other person see this invitation in their facebook notifications
  • When they click on that notification it shows page name and option. Click on Accept to accept the above invitation
  • . When they accept the invitation. The page role status ‘Pending’ is removed.

This is only a small guide. If you have any doubts or queries do type your questions in comment section. We will give answers ASAP.