[solved]How to Change the Home Page of Micromax Dongle ?Micromax default webpage opening as soon as I connect it?

*** Hello friends !! today i am telling you the trick to change the homepage of the micromax dongle/modem. You just have to follows these steps to change the homepage. It make you very irritation when you connect the internet to your dongle/modem you see its homepage but now you can change it by yourself. You have to follows these steps **

Trick to homepage change, in Micromaz 3g Dongle in USB manager Trick

** To change the homepage you have to open “my computer” and then open C:drive *
** After open the C:drive you will see folder name “Program files” click on it and open it *
*** After the above steps you will see a folder name config you have to open the folder and copy a files name as config connection,ini and then paste the file at anywhere and after pasting you have to open it in the note pad *

** After when you open the config_connection.ini file you will see the url(url=http://micromax.com) and then you have to remove this url and save it as you can see in the above image *

*** And then you have to copy that file that back to config folder and then you have to replace the file *
*** At the last you just have to restart you Pc and thent reconnect you internet quickly. If you follows these steps properly then you will never see that annoying page again*

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