The First Ever Email, the First Tweet, and 10 Other Famous Internet First facts

*** Hello!!! visitors today i am telling you some amazing facts about web history. In this article you will get to know about who sent the first picture, who had uploaded the first picture on the internet. In this article you will be knowing about the history of web.
*** Ray Tomlinson was the first person who sent the first email in 1971. It is not clearly what he actually send it might send QWERTYIOP  or something like that **

*** is first ever which register the first domain in march 1985  but now it will serves as a site of history**
** the url: is the first website which give the information about the world wide web which launched in August 6, 1991**

*** Tim Berners Lee is the first person who upload the first picture on the internet who is also the inventor of the world wide web  and he uploaded the picture of the comedy band called Les Horrible Cernettes.**.
** Ted Leonsis is the first person who send the AOL instant message on Jan. 6, 1993 to his wife it was ” Don’t be scared …………….it is me. Love you and miss you.” then his wife replied , “Wow … this is so cool!” and after that he became the  Vice Chairman of AOL’s***

** The first ever  online banner run October 1994 by  Joe McCamble  and it was promoted 7 art museums and it was sponsored by AT&T.***

**** The first ever item sold online was on eBay and it was a broken laser pointer and it was sold with $14.83 in 1995 Pierre Omidyar was the man who bought it he was the collector of the laser pointer **.
*** The first ever book published online was Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms Which was written by Dougla Hofstagter and it was published in 1995**
*** ‘Tere, kas sa kuuled mind?’ or “Hello, can you hear me?” in English it was the first sentence which was uttered on the skype was in Estonian it was uttered on the April 2003 **

*** Mark Zuckberg was the first person who make his ID on facebook the first 3 ID was for testing and his ID number was 4 and the first non founder who make his ID on the facebook was Arie Hasit who is in isreal for studying *****
**** The first ever video upload by the Jawed Karim who is the co-founder and it was upload from the Diego Zoo and it was upload in April 23 2005 and it watch 10 million times ****

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