Things that MICROSOFT Could not Explain!I

A message circulating widely stating the Microsoft bugs. It says

TRY this.
 There are some magic trick which amaze you if you try this. Just go and try these magic trick.
Magic no1: If you are trying to create a folder with name “con” you can’t create a folder . The whole company can’t find the the answer why this happen ? 
MAGIC #2: If you want to see the another magic trick then you have to go on the note pad and type “bush hide the facts” without using the quotes and then you have to save anywhere and then you reopen and then you see the wired bug. Nobody explain this thing*
MAGIC #3:There another thing which make you amaze and the maker of Microsoft have no answer of this. You just go on word pad and then type =rand (200,99) and then press enter you will see the magic
Magic #4:There another magic trick you know about that Q33N is the flight number of plane which hit the WTC towers in 9/11. If you want to see the magic then type the Q33N in the notepad, wordpad and increase the size to 72 and then  change the font to wingdings and you will see the magic ***

Hoax or Fact:
Most of it is fact, with definite reasons behind it, but the last magic is a hoax.
The magic messages mentioned above hold true. But each of it has definite explanation.
WHY THIS HAPPENED:You can’t create the folder with name “con” because it is reserved word in windows and it is underlying DOS system. If you want to create this folder then you have to create it by using this simple trick you have to create a folder and renamed by typing 255 with pressing Alt at the same time and then release the Alt key and type. you have the folder Hurray.
In the application of microsoft window Bush hid the facts is common name for the bug. It is encoded the file of text in ASCII *
 This is syntax is used the special code and seeing the typeface is look on the display. It is used to see the how the font is looks on the screen. The first number represent the amount of line and the second line represent times the sentences is repeated per line. Microsoft programmed a test text “The quick brown fox jump over the lazy dog” this  text is used the convenient test phase because it has all the alphabets ***
 The last number is a lie Q33N is not a  flight number is just an interesting coincidence in the notepad. It was American Airlines flight 11(AA11) and United Airlines Flight 175(UA175) which strike the WTC  in 9/11****

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