Tips and trick to boost internet speed in android

**If you want to speed up your internet speed then by following this tips you can increase the download speed. The tips are given below **
*** The first thing you should keep in your mind that you should always use the Hotspot which you need to used as active and quick.You should use the broadband which are simply distributed over the Wi-Fi by which you can speed up your internet speed *
* You should covered the all bonds ,lead to mobile internet usage or edge with stuffy room and thick wall. You should use mobile internet service outside where No walls collide in between.(***
** You should always use the mobile internet at night because at night time there are very low traffic which speed up your internet speed and you can enjoy the fast internet speed *
**** You should always check out about the connectivity to speed up your mobile internet, you should also update the mobile firnware and new values and mod which speed up your mobile internet ***
**** The last thing which have to spend money you  can buy an IE antenna amplifier which is quickly catch the signal and speed up your internet 
These are the simple tips hopefully these tips are help you to increase the speed by these tips if your internet speed is increase please feed back me ****

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