Tips on how to Use Android device As Pc Modem

Hey Guys today we will learn on how to use Android device as your Computer or PC Modem. 
*** Today android device are most popular everyone is using the android device such as mobile and tablet. but many user are not using modem for their internet. Now you can have a modem in your computer as a android device. In this article i will tell how can you use Android as a modem for using internet in your PC **
((Just follows these steps to Android Smart Phone as your Modem.
You need this thing for using your android device as internet modem
You need to have a android USB cable and you need to have a Pdanet 3.02**8
Android Usb Cable
Pdanet 3.02
**You have to download the Pdanet app fromn the android market **
** You have to download the Pdanet on your Mac or PC and you have to download the Linkand , You can search it on the google
4. Tab on Enable USB tether on Your pdanet Application. So that you can use the android Phone as a Modem.
Now Click on Connect on the application. This will connect your PC, via your android smart Phone. 
Hope you guys enjoy this article reading.

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