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Today we will learn about Windroid Universal Android Toolkit, Which is one of the Best tool made in C# Programming, It support Fastboot command and ADB. It also support many Android mobile phone like HCT, M9. Hence you can easily Flash Root many Device at one place. This tool make your step more simple to provide you fast Root and Flash Process, Bootloader, I will recommended this tool to newbie you find it difficult to Root, Flash , Bootloader Manually. If you really love this Tool, then we need some thing from you, Yes but not money just a love and prayers. And Do comment.Some of the Best features of Windroid Universal Toolkit v2.3 to unlock Root Flash almost 90 Mobile Device are as Follows.

  • 90+ Mobile Device is supported, with Amazing metroUI Theme on the place. 
  • Unlock Bootloader.
  • Install Root Gain permanently
  • Flash Your kernel and also customization.
  • Flash your Roms and also customization. 
  • File Push. 
  • You can also install many apps. 
  • And many many feature are available to use. 

Windroid universal Tool.

If your HCTC is not supported then you can visit this URL or Click here.
Let’s learn How to Root, unlock Bootloader, Flash recovery and custom Flash ROM, get Root access on Windroid Universal Android Toolkit v2.3 on your device.
Before proceeding to the steps to unlock bootloader, you need to first Download this Tool, And you should Atleast have half battery and take a USB Cable.

  • Let’s Start and learn how you to Unlock Bootloader.
  • ADB Download and Install it, if it asked driver install for it. 
  • After choosing mobile from the list, you need to wait for a moment till it download a proper files. 
  • Now start your mobile and go to Setting then Developer Option and then go to Enable USB debugging. and now put your USB, if you have not installed USB driver then please install it. 
  • If this Tool do not show your device, then i suggest you to press refresh Button in that tool. 
  • I have seen Android 4.2.2 users do not see that refresh Button. Hence you need to go to Setting then about, then Software information. Tap on Build number, again and again till you see Option of of developer.
  • Your device is not Listed? No Problem let’s follow this step.
A) One X and At and T : Go to unlock bootloader and press Button with a name gain SuperCID.
This will  force to open a command box, This will process the operation to get a access to SuperCID. 
B) You cannot unlocked the Bootloader on Droid DNA device, Rest function you can use for it. 
C) For One Plus One Mobile Again click on Button with a name unlock Bootloader. this will restart your device. And will asked a permission to lock or Unlock the Device depending upon current situation. Make sure you have a backup of your device as this will clear all your Data. Press Power button to Select Yes for this Option. Congrats Your Device Bootloader is Unlock. 
D) This tool do not provide unlock bootloader feature for your Verizon M7 and Verizon M8 Device, This Tool will Guide you to the process of unlocking, and rest function and feature you can use on this tool. 
  • For rest of the device, you can click on Button with a Name ” Get Token ID” in the Unlock. Now your Phone will restart into Bootloader. This will open a Token Id, with a notepad file with token id. follow next process.
  • This Token you need to input at HTCD. Now that you have your Token ID, you can now submit it to HTCDev,For submitting Click here If you do not have any account there then sign up, and then confirm your email address. As soon as you Confirm your email id. Go to HTCDEV and sign in> then go to the bottom of the page Copy paste the Token ID. and Click Submit. Now please wait till your get the email from HTCDEV from your confirm email address which you submitted during sign up process. 
  •  You will receive a Download file with a name unlock_code.bin which can be use to unlock your device bootloader. 
  • As soon as you download the above file, Go to Tool and press Unlock bootloader on the tool, which will restart your device under bootloader, Now flash it with unlock_code.bin file. This will asked to unlockbootloader. Please make a backup as this will clear all your data and information.
  • Now hit Volume Up + power button once, to unlock. This will Again Restart your Device. 
  • Congrats Your Mobile is now unlock. Now you can move to next step to flash Custom recovery. 

For Custom recovery Flash Follow this Steps.

  • Now press A box with a name Flash a recovery. To do flash recovery we have 2 avilable option one is Automatic Method which i like the most. Please select the mobile carefully else you will mess up with the options.  
  • I am telling to select mobile device properly because you may see 2 option for recovery, In that case please match the option with your country Model etc so as to hit exact version of device. 
  • If you are not sure what to select then please comment bellow and i will try to answer each and every question or problem you will face. 
  • After you select proper device, Press Flash TWRP Button this will Reboot your Mobile into Bootloader option Flash it. 

Next Method is manual To recovery Flash. 

  •  If you face any difficulty to Flash in automatic method then i suggest you to download manually , Click here to Download 
  • Now search for your device name folder, and download the recoveries in that particular model Folder. 
  • Now go to Toolkit> recoveries > in Data Folder> ” Move all Files in that. 
  • Make sure to make a recoveries folder file as ” recovery.img if you have 1 Variant. 
  • If you have more than 1 variant then name all files as recovery1.img and then recovery2.img and so on. 
  • This will do the work, now you need to get Root Gaining. 

Now you need Gain permanent Root, Follow this steps.  

  •  Now CliCk Gain Root> then click Flash Supersu> Then yes. 
  • This will force to download Supersu, as soon as the Supersu downloaded, this will move to device and rebooted into recovery. 
  • After that isntall Find Supersu.zip press on it 

Congrats You are DOne.
Hope you like this article and tutorial on how to Unlock, Root, Flash on Windroid Universal Android Toolkit v2.3 

Tutorial credit goes to XDA

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