Top Windows 7 Tips and Tricks DOn’t MiSS It

***In this article i will tell you about the tips and tricks This tips are very useful for to use the Windows 7.  Tips are given below **
** Window 7 has a new features just like WiFi. Virtual Wi-Fi convert your PC or laptop into a router based software. This is the best feature of the windows 7. If another Wi-Fi device can detect your computer as a new Wi Fi network if it is in your range. If you allow them they can use the Wi-Fi and you can also set the custom password and Id.
** You can connect any of the Wi-Fi device just like computer,phone ,laptop without command => Click Me ***

2. Using Flipping 3D View

** If you want to select on the active window and you have many active window. This means you can select the application in 3D view***
  • Open My Computer
  • Open music player
  • open paint
  • Now press “alt + tab” to see applications in 3D view and choose them from that 3D menu.
  • **First go to the my computer >music player >paint>press alt +tab to watch 3D view application in 3D menu**

3.Create a Zip Folder/File
The most widely using compression is
zip and rar folders. zip folers are most using and valuable. Thats why
microsoft enable a direct feature to make and open zip files or zip folders in windows 7. Using this trick you can make and open zip foler/file without any zip softare.
** Now-a-days zip and rar is used more to compression. In which Zip is important and used by people. That why Microsoft given you a option for the open zip files and folder. This tip is very useful for the usage to open the Zip files and folder**
So just right click any file or folder then select Send To > Compressed (zipped) Folder  to make a zip folder
***To create the folder of the Zip files you just  have to create the zip folder >select to the “send to” > choose to “compressed  folder” and you will get the option of the compressed the folder zip file*

  • ** Another option of the window 7 is you can allow the pin application to the taskbar **

** to pin any file you have to follow these instructions*8

*** You have to drag and drop the file in your desktop and you have to follows these steps if you have a folder 
**first go to the right click and then you have to click on new and then go to short cut  and then you have to type in the explorer “C:shortcutsFavorites – ShortcutName.lnk”
and then you have to name the shortcut and now you have folder as a shortcut option and then right click to pin to the taskbar ***

5.Tile Windows 
It is a simple windows 7 aero to swap running windows applications or any items.
  • Open Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc)
  • now select the applications you wish to tile (Ctrl+Click)
  • do right click and select Tile Horizontally or Tile Vertically.
Windows 7 tile is the ability to maximize a window by dragging it to the side of the screen.
**  If you want to tile your window 7 aero. You can do this by follows these steps 
just open the task manager by press Ctrl+Shift+Esc >select the application you want to tile by Ctrl+click >do right click and tile it horizontally and vertically***
These are some awesome trick which help you to handle the window 7 very easily  
Hope you enjoyed this amazing Windows 7 tips and tricks. 
Thanks Enjoy

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