unlock windows password with in a minute

Sometime when you lost the login password you face many problem to

unlock it but now you can easily unlock it with these simple tips. When we change your login password and sometime it is very difficult to remember and we forget about the password but now we can easily unlock it by USB flash drive. It is very easy to apply ***
*** You have to need some things for unlock the window. You have a USB flash drive  and time for password recovery**
*** You have to download this program and install it in your PC and it will work as a administrator http://www.lostwindowspassword.com/   to download the program**
*** Then you have to run the program and then you have to insert the USB flash drive and then select the USB flash drive and then start burning by click on the burning button**
*** When the burning process is complete click on the OK and take the USB flash drive out from the PC **
*** Then you have to set the PC to boot form the USB after when you put in the burned USB flash drive to your locked computer**
*** You have to click on the reset button after when you click on the specified window which you want to recover **
**  You have to click on the “yes” to continue and then you have to click on the OK when your password is reset successfully***
** This trick help you to reset the new password again if you forget the password you can reset the password within 5 mins********

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